Solutions for your business

Buy-sell and business transfer strategies for closely held companies

Do you have a plan in place today?  A formal agreement established by and between business owners, family members, key employees or other third parties helps keep your business going due to a death, disability or the retirement of an owner.  We can help you with funding the agreement.  Life and disability buy-out insurance can help reduce the financial strain on remaining owners.

Business owner strategies

A complimentary, personalized business owner retirement analysis looks at the value of your business, your personal savings and any transition plans you have in place.  Any gaps or problems identified come with recommended solutions.

Key employee benefits

Recruit, reward, retain and retire the key employees whose performance most affects the success of your organization.  Key employee benefits can help you help them.  These plans can provide additional benefits and/or help them make up for benefits lost due to government restrictions placed on qualified retirement plans.  The result?  More engaged and loyal employees and a great recruiting tool too.

Key person protection

Protect the integrity, cash flow and ongoing success of your business from the loss of a key employee due to death, disability or termination of employment.  Key person insurance helps the business overcome additional expenses associated with recruiting and training a replacement.