For Individuals

Goals-Based Planning

We know that life rarely happens the way we envision.  In a world of uncertainty, it’s helpful to make a plan, implement it well and review it as life progresses.  That’s why we believe in comprehensive goals-based planning to help you live life the way you want while planning for the unexpected.

Risk Planning 

You want to enjoy the life you’ve been working so hard to establish, but life is full of curve balls.   What would life look like for you and your loved ones if an accident or severe illness prevented you from working? How about in the event of your premature death? What is your plan to address long-term care? Creating a plan for the unexpected helps you to focus on the life you’ve created.

Investment Services

An important element to successful investing is to manage investment risk while maintaining the potential for growth. We help you create and monitor portfolios designed to align with your goals and timeframes using customized investment programs.

Estate Planning

Using an estate tax analysis tool, we are able to model the impact of various estate planning techniques on the potential estate taxes that would be due at death.  We can then help you with a plan designed to provide the liquidity necessary to fund those taxes.

Wealth Transfer Funding

Have you planned for the transfer of your assets once you are gone? It’s important to have a plan in place to help be assured your wishes are carried out. We will propose tax-managed solutions to provide for tax and settlement expenses.

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